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Tips for Escort Hunting in Argentina

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  • Tips for Escort Hunting in Argentina

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    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    Tips for Escort Hunting in Argentina

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a professional translator and this is my translation of a guide written in Spanish by cat.a.dor. The original can be found here:

    I’m available for Spanish/English translations. You can contact me at

    • Handout cards around central Buenos Aires, especially downtown:

      If you go down the street and a girl (or sometimes a guy) offers you a discount card for a "boliche con chicas" (bar with girls) or something similar, be warned that most likely this is a setup to steal your money so I recommend that you simply reject the offer.

      Now, if you want to satisfy your curiosity without suffering the consequences, accept the card and leave. If they ask that you accompany them inside to "have the card signed" or some similar excuse, just say "no, goodbye", because once inside you will be swindled. There is plenty of info in this forum about this particular activity.

      Basically the scam is that once inside a girl will start talking to you about the place and their promotions and how much it costs to be with a girl. Soon they will bring some drinks "on the house" so that you can drink with the girl, who will eventually ask you to pay for them at exorbitant prices. This might be followed by shoving by a muscle guy if you refuse to pay, and subsequently by the violent emptying out of your wallet.

    • Private Apartments – The Unforced Switcheroo

      It is a common practice in private apartments not to enforce any reservations we make with respect to a particular girl. You call an apartment about a girl you just saw in an ad online and make an appointment to see her. When you arrive at the scene, the receptionist tells you that the girl "had to leave because of an emergency" or "had to go to make a house call" or "hasn’t returned from a house call" or some such lame excuse.

      Following this, they will most likely offer to present other girls to you. In my opinion it’s best to just leave at that point in order not to encourage such attitudes, but we know that sometimes it gets difficult depending on your level of excitement or how much time you have, or depending on whichever of your two heads is in charge at that moment.

      If you do want to meet the other girls, make sure to ask beforehand: "Ok, will you charge me for the presentation?", this will show them you’re no fool. What happens is that sometimes they present you with girls that are unattractive and you decide not take any of them. When this happens they get angry because they weren’t able to extract any money from you, and so they make up a story about having to "charge for presenting the girls."
      When you ask them this you startle them because they don’t normally expect this and they won’t charge you because they don’t want you to leave and they’re still hoping you’ll agree to take another girl.

      In general, unless there’s a girl there that you like a lot, it’s best to leave so that you can later coldly decide whether to return or not. Very often you visit an apartment looking for a particular girl because she has good references, but in your excitement you wind up picking another which turns your experience into a disaster.

    • Private Apartments – Payment Before Seeing Girl/Forced Switcheroo

      Because of what we said in the above item, I recommend that you never pay before you make sure that the girl you’re after is actually there. Very often they ask for the money beforehand and then send you a girl which turns out not to be the one you were looking for. There’s something you must keep in mind: Once you hand them your money it’s very hard to get it back, so better to prevent that situation
      If either the receptionist or the pimp tells you “Can I get your money? The girl is coming right out”, just politely refuse and say that you don’t like to pay before seeing the girl. This is so that you can relax while you wait and avoid what happens to many: a switched girl which you’re cornered into taking because they won’t return your money.

    • Private Apartments – Mistreatment:

      In some dumps you might find yourself in a situation where they’re putting the squeeze on you. The important thing is not to be afraid and stand your ground. If you back down you’ve lost. Standing your ground doesn’t mean fisticuffs but rather making a coherent defense of what you think is fair. Also, keep in mind one thing: You can always take things a step further without resorting to violence. Sometimes they will run you out saying “I’m calling my pimp!”, but as I explain in another item, that’s probably just a story. In the worst of cases, if you see a sinister character show up, you can always leave.

    • Private Apartments - Of Musclemen, Pimps, and Other Myths

      The following has to do with a myth that makes the rounds a lot. That of the musclemen and pimps which “protect” the escorts. In reality, the vast majority of the apartments which are not dives do not have this sort of “protection”. How do I know this? Because it has been explained to me by girls who work at these apartments as escorts or receptionists. Why do I make this point? So that you might make a better decision when it comes time to make a complaint. In countless posts I have seen someone say: “It wasn’t the girl I wanted but since I didn’t want to get into trouble I kept her.” Or “They gave me a price by phone and another when I got there, but since I didn’t want the pimp to come out from behind some door I paid all the same.”

      Remember that the majority of places don’t want to be involved in incidents of violence because that will cause all kinds of problems for them. They are just playing with the element of fear. It goes without saying, we’re all big boys and only you know how far you want to take things. I myself always avoid violent situations but I never keep my mouth shut when I feel I’m the victim of abuse.

    • Websites and Overpriced Escorts:

      There are one or two escort websites in Argentina which in my opinion are highly overpriced and this is so because we have the expectation of getting a model and due to this they charge us ridiculous rates. Everyone is free to pay what he feels like, but if you like a girl, look for her in other websites. They often advertise for different markets and you might see her with more realistic alternative photographs, which might help you decide whether you really want to pay what she’s charging. It sometimes also happens that when you call using the info you got from a “lesser” website, you are quoted a lower fee for the same girl.

      Don’t make the assumption that because a girl advertises in a particular website it’s some kind of guarantee as to quality of service or looks. If you know how to look, you will find excellent girls in all of the markets, and this is never guaranteed by any particular website.

    • Hygiene:

      Just as we demand that escorts be clean and this means not just personal hygiene but also the cleanliness of the place, so do they expect it of us. The lack of it creates an uncomfortable situation for both and is something that can be easily avoided. Some escorts have told me in confidence that there are some clients to whom they always give blowjobs with a condom (even though they usually do it without), and this is because they’re aware of their lack of cleanliness.

      I also know girls who did not take care of their hygiene. This led to cancelation of repeat business and of course, it also meant that the sexual experience itself was diminished.

    • Condoms:

      I can say from personal experience that it is a myth that escorts know how to properly put on a condom. I am unable to give statistics, but I can say I've been with many who clearly lacked information on the subject.

      I recommend that you always make sure that your condom is on properly. Remember that the accumulation of air at the tip can easily lead to breakage. If she has very long nails, it is sometimes better to put it on yourself because you may find it uncomfortable and her nails could also damage the latex.

      Bear in mind that if the woman is not excited, it's very likely that the rubbing will cause the condom to get dry. Consider a replacement after a reasonable time, or suggest that she lubricate herself (you’d hope she’d take the initiative in this).

    • Use the Search Function of the Forum:

      The forum is a great tool when you know how to get the most out of it. If you like a girl, use the search function in the forum to find experiences (XPs) about her. If you don’t find any, ask members for an opinion before you go off in a wild goose chase. We are a big community and there’s almost always someone who will have some info on the girl you want.

    • Use the Search Tool - Cat Tracker:

      It's another tool that can be useful in determining whether a phone is a private apartment or not. You can use it to answer queries from colleagues, or to determine which other girls work with the girl you’re interested in, in which case, you may ask for them as well.
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