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Paying a girl to travel with you

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  • Paying a girl to travel with you

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    Escort en Tribunales
    Hey guys,
    How much would you pay a girl to travel with you? I mean I pay for her airline ticket and she visits me at a hotel for a week? Daily rate?

    Unfortunately I cannot travel to BA again, but only a shorter trip.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Re: Paying a girl to travel with you

    well....i guess she will ask x withouth waiting you to offer no? but think that a top quality girl would make probably 200-400 dollars a night in a night club. They may get 200 per client, and on average they go out 1 or twice per night. So you can adjust using that reference.


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      Respuesta: Paying a girl to travel with you

      It will all depend on the quality of the escort. In BA you will find escorts that make 3 or 4 clientes per day, on a 400 pesos basis per client. That will give her a 500 dolar fee on each day.
      I presume that if you are talking of that kind of girl, you will have to think in 500 to 700 dolar pero day, plus all expenses.
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        Respuesta: Paying a girl to travel with you

        The first question to ask before an educated answer can be given is; into which country you will bring the lady????. If your plans are about the US, you got a problem. The vast majority of young women from Argentina can not obtain a visa to visit the US. If you are planning to meet her in Europe try this site
        Argentina Escorts Models And Female Escort Services - Platynum
        when you press on each chica profile, there is a line that states the cost for one day travel. Many do not have an answer, some do.. , like Dani charges 600 per day or 3600 a week and I think she means in US Dollars (unlike the price per hour which is in pesos). Aldana price is 400 and 2000. Franchesca also 400 and 2000.
        Most ladies would not even consider going to a different country with someone they never met before. And before you go to the bank, how would you know how much photoshop work was done by platynum or Area-vip on the chica's pictures. You might get someone like Maru Liv or Sofy all from that site and all say they have a visa to the US. The problem with those three and some others, is that the pictures are from 20 years ago, and if you have seen any of those oldies getting off the gate at the airport, you would leave the scene rather than talk to them.
        Please write some more about your requirements and desires if you want more info.


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          Respuesta: Paying a girl to travel with you

          Depends wether she is a true professonal, or an amateur. if she is an amateur AND she likes you, she might do it for the FUN first and for the money second.

          Professdionals want to extract as much money as they can from you so they will probably charge you MORE than their opportunity cost. a real sweet AMATEUR escort might be different. There are hundreds of girls paying their way thru university this way. This hapenend to me and is a bit dangerous, because you become jealous. The sweeter, nicer, fresher, and less professonal girl, is besti n the short term, but you can get really attached!!!

          I only go out with amateurs and establish long term relarionships if we fit, generally their rule is no more than one customer per day or nite. And no exposure with photos. Most are very selective, so they do not go out so easily with class-less aregentinians. They might prefer a full time weekwith a foreginer, especially if he has euros, and is well dressed and educated.

          For example i have invited one nice girl Samanta to ski this season, at NO cost (of course i will pay her air fare, ski rentals, lessons, etc. She just wants to visit Valle Nevado in Chile and learn how to ski!!!


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            Respuesta: Paying a girl to travel with you

            Ricardoquinto, thanks a million for the advice, however where in Buenos Aires, internet, newspaper etc... can you find such an ameteur????? willing to travel (and I would be very happy to help her with money). The idea you have is something I have been searching for a long time, but finding such a lady in Argentina is not something I found to be that easy. It just seems that there are much more professionals than ametuers. Your (and others) help and advice will be appreciated.