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Looking for 3 somes, and Transgenders too

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  • Looking for 3 somes, and Transgenders too

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    Hey everyone,

    Im going to be traveling to BA for the first time in march, and want to live out a couple of fantasies because its clear the prices for such services are far cheaper than here in New Zealand, however i have found the websites to be difficult to navigate, and prices are rarely listed for BA escorts :( so in turn, i wonder if anyone could provide me with some information where to find the following

    In call girls for 3 some, i'd love to get 2 girls incall to where ever i'll be staying for some fun? where would be the best place to find such a thing? and how much could i expect for this sort of activity? $ar1000?

    secondly (and i know this isnt really everyones cup of tea, so i hope not to offend) but i'd also really like to meet a T girl or 2, however again, the sites never seem to list prices, and trying to find a 3some with them may also be a challenge given the trouble i'm having on the sites.

    Ive spent the last 2 days trying to get some more clarity online (ive even emailed a few of them) however still feel like im treading blindly :(

    any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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    Respuesta: Looking for 3 somes, and Transgenders too

    i dont have idea? but be carefull, there are some tricksa about pics...


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      Respuesta: Looking for 3 somes, and Transgenders too

      Hello toyboy, i recomend this 2 ones. They are really good in what they do. The price is a little bit higher than 1000$AR but it's worth it.

      Aldana y Gala de Paris - - Escorts BairesGirls Acompaantes Rubro 59
      "El perro te lame porque te lastimaste, el gato te acaricia porque le pica.."


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        Respuesta: Looking for 3 somes, and Transgenders too

        If you got that far and found this great site, you should take it a step further and press the section Mujeres then use google translator and you can get all the information you ever needed.
        In general it is much easier to enjoy Buenos Aires great mongering options when you speak a bit of Spanish, so maybe a guide can help you. The Aldana Gala combo is a great one, but they are a bit older.
        There are two different types of ladies to look for, those who work in a house they call them here privados and the independents. Privado prices are from 200 to 400 AR depending on time and quality. Independents are 400 and up those in Area-Vip charge 700 to 1000. It is hard to find a good independent for less than 600.
        good news! there is a blue (in other countries called black) market where you can change your US Dollars for about 50% over the official rate. 700 AR at that rate will translate to only about US$ 100.
        As far as the sites don't expect most of the girls to look like their pictures, chances are better with a lady who shows her face. Aldana and Gala are both great looking and display honest pictures. Photoshop is present in most pictures, but also if you look on the pictures you can see that the ladies worked hours making up and dressing for them, so when you meet them in person they appear different.
        LAst and not least, please acknowledge that you read what the members are writing.