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Site with most honest adverts?

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  • Site with most honest adverts?

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    Hi, I am an european who will visit Argentina in October, mostly for seeing your nature and landscape but I am also interested in meeting some good girls price 300-1000ARS when in BA. I like pretty girls without piercings, tattoos and excessive fat. Girls who french kiss properly and do not behave like mechanical dolls.

    When doing check of pictures in adverts using google image search and tineye few turn up to show that they are obviously ripped from porn and such. But several times I found that the same pictures are used in other advertisements where the girl is given another name.

    When googling the phone numbers in most instances I find several adverts for different girls all with same phonenumber, indicating brothels and slim chance of meeting the girl on photo in my experience.

    Is there any advertising site that only have adverts with direct number to the girl in the adverts? Are there brothels who have websites with information about the work schedule of of their girls?

    Do any of the Argentinian advertising sites have a much better reputation than the others?

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    Respuesta: Site with most honest adverts?

    no site is free of bs but you will find some good quality in the range you mentioned.
    go for areavip... soloindependientes...cexita
    to a lesser degree, platynum, bairesgirls, gemidos...
    they all have some photoshop but not that much...

    when in doubt, google for xp! there will be a lot of local slang. but you can ask the community.
    colita means anal or greek
    and pt sin, bareback blowjob


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      Respuesta: Site with most honest adverts?


      You will find that many of the chicas in Bs As (Buenos Aires) will be listed on multiple sites (such as bairesgirls, gemidos, sensualbaires, platynum) with many different names. I would guess that quite a few (maybe a majority) of the chicas on these websites are working out of a private apartment (privado or "PV"), which in Bs As is sort of a mini-brothel (an apartment with between 2-10 chicas present at any given time).

      Here are the basics:

      Regardless of the type of chica you seek, you have to do your homework, here and on argentinaprivate (an english foro). Don't waste your valuable time and money on unknown chicas, the probability of disappointment is too high. Read through the foros and find chicas that fit your needs and that are well reviewed.

      Price and performance are not always correlated. You do not need to spend AR$1000 for a great piece of ass in Bs As. You can find good action for less than AR$300, if you do your research.

      1) From my perspective, there are three basic types of P4P chicas:

      - Privados (some good some bad). Prices vary, however, many of the more reliable ones are AR$250-300 for an hour, places like Cielo Private are more expensive. In some places the chicas will ask for a propina (tip) for additional services such as bucal sin ("pete sin" bbbj) or completo (anal). You can search the above-mentioned sites by barrio (neighborhood) to find the listings near you. Keep in mind that just because a chicas picture is listed with the PV's phone number doesn't mean that she will be there. If you call and ask for a particular chica, they will tell you that she is there waiting for you (9 times out of 10, she is not). You can have chicas from privados sent to your hotel (usually a surcharge of around AR$50 plus taxi fare (maybe another AR$20). However, don't let yourself be fooled into believing that the beautiful babe on the internet is going to knock on your door - unless you know what you are doing (and that the chica really exists and is at the PV at that particular time). You will see chicas with the same phone numbers, that means that they are working out of the same privado. If you go to you can look up telephone numbers (only landlines) and often get addresses to go with them.

      2) independent or semi-independent (internet) chicas - this is my category of all non-privado, internet chicas. They are the ones on the above-mentioned sites who either have their own (or share an apartment with another chica) and will do outcall to your hotel. If you do a little work, you can weed out the PV chicas from the independent chicas. Reviews are crucial for success. Rates run AR$300-600 (for the most part).

      3) Boliche chicas - Boliches are night clubs packed with chicas that want to go home with you (for the right price). There are several in Micro Centro (Hook, Gattos and Ness) and more in Recoleta (New Port, Madahos and Black). I have only named the ones that I have been to. I like New Port (on Junin near the intersection with Vincente Lopez, across the street form the recoleta cemetery). At New Port, there is no cover charge and you do not have to buy drinks for the chicas or pay an exit fee. I have found a few diamonds in the rough, there. The other places have various cover charges and exit fees. A night out at Black or Madaho (two of the “top-end” clubs) will run you at least AR$800-1000 (cover, chica drinks and paying the chica). You need to negotiate everything that you want, before you leave the club with your chica.
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        Re: Site with most honest adverts?

        Thanks a lot for the tips!


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          Respuesta: Site with most honest adverts?

          I'm just warming up. What type of chica do you like? What naughty stuff do you want (I don't want too much detail)? I have a couple of favoritas to whom I will steer you.

          The key to Bs As (like any other city) is figuring out how things work, before you get there.

          I also have a couple of privados where I have had consistently good service. Also, do you speak Spanish? I don't (except for a handful of x-rated phrases). I am due back in Bs As in a couple of weeks. If we happen to cross paths, I'd be happy to buy a round.

          Good luck,



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            Respuesta: Site with most honest adverts?

            Nowadays the site I find most reliable is Solo Independientes, no "privados" published, only independent escorts and most of them give good service. Area Vip is sort of OK, but privados do publish there form time to time and many of the girls publishing there are not providing a good service. Still, you need to do your homework, check the recent experiences here and select from what you like.


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              Respuesta: Site with most honest adverts?

              Update - A night out at Madahos or blacks all in will run you 1400 - 2100 pesos

              Bare minimum ~200 entry + 400 chica exit drink + variable 800-1500 depending chica, time, services negotiated. Sweet spot about 1000-1200 with middle of packs chicas

              Only likely scenario in 800 range is lower tier chick and/or last call time of night 3:30-4:00am or later


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                Respuesta: Site with most honest adverts?

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                Update - A night out at Madahos or blacks all in will run you 1400 - 2100 pesos

                Bare minimum ~200 entry + 400 chica exit drink + variable 800-1500 depending chica, time, services negotiated. Sweet spot about 1000-1200 with middle of packs chicas

                Only likely scenario in 800 range is lower tier chick and/or last call time of night 3:30-4:00am or later
                Quester: Madahos is not a website. It's a club.
                "No persigas a las minas, persegui tus sueños, y asi las minas te van a seguir a vos"