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  • Blue Market

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    Escort en Tribunales
    I have seen several references to the Blue Market with very good exchange rates. How do I access the Blue Market and how do I know I am getting the best rate? Any info appreciated. I do speak Castellano but find it easier to comunicate in English.

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    Respuesta: Blue Market

    Rubmaster, you will need to find a place that exchanges dollars, euros etc. There is a place at Cervino and Scalabrini. Not sure of the hours. Got 5.4 the other day. Ask what the rate is before you exchange the cash.


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      Respuesta: Blue Market

      The address for cueva I use (blue market exchange place) is at Scalabrini Orriz 3205

      On corner of Scalabrini Ortiz and Cervino - about a 20-25 peso taxi ride from Recoleta

      There is a Freddo ice cream store on this corner, just walk past it 5 feet on Scalabrini Ortiz and the cueva will be immediately on your right (Scalabrini is the main, larger street. Cervino is a narrow side street)

      White glass door with green stripe, green awning overhead, and pictures of foreign currency bills over one part of the glass window. Ring the buzzer to be let in

      Not sure exact hours but I've usually gone mon-fri around 10am to 4pm and found them open. Have heard also open to early afternoon hours on Saturday but cannot confirm as I've only gone on weekdays

      Ask before you exchange what rate for dollars they are willing to give. Generally, more you exchange the better the rate. Got 6:1 couple days ago for exchanging $500 US


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        Respuesta: Blue Market

        I work downtown so I have a couple of selected places around.
        There are more than 50 "arbolitos" in Florida so you can check with a couple in 5 blocks and decide which has the best xchange rate.
        B careful though.
        Para que se den una idea del tipo de fisico (cola, tetas o ambas) que me gustan asi es mas facil:
        A la lista agregaria a Vika/Ludmila, Laura Reef, Fiorella, Noelia la Paraguaya, y tantas otras bellezas del pasado...


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          Re: Blue Market

          You can also try Don't need cash (just a bank account or credit card) and you get ~7.6.


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            Respuesta: Blue Market

            Hi, if you need to sell greens I can buy some at a best rate. Send PM in case you re interested. Cheers.


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              Respuesta: Blue Market


              Apologies if I state the obvious. First, as a frequent visitor to Argentina, I must say that I love Argentina as a non-nationalistic stranger to this land. I say this with all due respect to my many Argentine friends and acquaintances (most of whom would agree with the sentiment) it is a national past time to separate gringos from their money. That said, so long as you proceed with caution, you should be fine. As the previous posters have made clear, there are many places where you can obtain 'the' (it is more of a range in that it isn't set for everyone like the official rate) blue rate. Like anything in a foreign land, go with the advice of well-established, trust worthy individuals. In this case, I would be looking for well-established, senior forum members both here and in the well-known English-speaking forum, dedicated to finding poon in Argentina.

              Good luck.