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Club de Caballeros Argentina

Obtené acceso a la mejor información de Argentina y el Mundo. Asociate hoy y comenzá a disfrutar!
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    Escort en Tribunales
    good day....i received the message from administrators that they are deleting users with 0 posts, i have been a member for 11 days only, i have greatly enjoyed reading the many very informative posts. I arrive in BA on Dec 29 and promise to share info by the end of the first week of january of my upcoming visits to apts of beautiful chicas that i have selected from this valuable forum..... bart
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    Respuesta: First Post

    Welcome!, I pop in from time to time to the forum and look forward to your information.

    happy hunting and share the wealth!


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      Respuesta: First Post

      all rigth my man ,we'll be waiting for your post!