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A Terminology Question

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  • A Terminology Question

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    First, thanks very much to Wolfgang for his very helpful guide. Two suggestions...

    It might be useful to add "relax". I've never been sure if it means specifically a handjob or if it means some kind of orgasm, maybe a handjob or maybe something else.

    Also, today I ran into "relax oriental". I'd guess some kind of orgasm but beyond that I have no idea. The chica, if someone is ambitious enough to call her and ask, is Paulina on, telephone 4373-4325.

    Gracias, Bob

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    Respuesta: A Terminology Question

    Bob, "relax" means "happy ending". It does not guarantee what kind of happy ending you'll be getting. That depends on the girl, but at least you'll get a handjob for sure.
    "relax oriental" means something like "asian massage" or "tantra massage". It's supposed to be referring to the technique but it's mostly bullshit since 99% of the girls don't know how to do it. Just marketing, I guess.

    Más conozco al hombre, y más quiero a mi perro.
    Más conozco a la mujer, y más amo a los gatos.


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      Respuesta: A Terminology Question

      It is not a translation issue, I´m from argentina too and I´ve never known wtf did that term exactly mean , But as our friend said above , I suddenly run away when I see that kind of text, if the header says Masajes it probably does not include a sexual service


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        Respuesta: A Terminology Question

        today is saturday. Paulina doesn't work today. I can't make a phone call. She doesn't show all of her body. Why is that?.
        Besides: RUN AWAY FROM BARBARA in the same