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  • Brothels???

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    hello! :)

    i arrived in buenos aires a few days ago and i am staying in san telmo. i am trying to find a local brothel but i have had no luck by searching online (the ones i can find list no address! why is that??). there seem to be many escorts available for searching online (telephone seems to be the only way to contact them?), but it mentions nothing of incalls (me visiting them at their own residence/hotel).

    can anyone here please tell me where the good brothels are in buenos aires? preferably with only young pretty girls (not interested in old/trannies/men etc), and preferably somewhere with a receptionist that can understand my english. preferably somewhere close to san telmo but it's not a big problem as i can use the subway.

    i look forward to hearing your responses

    thank you very much :)


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    Respuesta: Brothels???

    I know many brothels in Buenos Aires but I've just gone to a few of them. The one I like is Caballito Privé. Here's the link:
    It is not in San Telmo but it takes ten minutes (or less) by underground to arrive there. However, I don't know whether the receptionist speaks English.
    I'm planning to go there next week. If you want, we can go together. I'm a twenty-three Argentine boy.


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      Respuesta: Brothels???

      Hi buddy. You have one in Esmeralda and Lavalle with your requirements
      You have a lot of girls to choose from, like you see at pictures.
      Price is around 200 pesos, all young girls, but try during the day hours, because at night there are not the same girls.The times I went they show me around 10 girls and you choose. The place is clean. You can contact them by phone and they give you the exact adress. The problem is I think they dont speak english.


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        Respuesta: Brothels???

        If you have money 200 300 usa dolars, maybe you can go to recoleta place near the cementery gates (song of pantera ja) you have a lots of cabarets look on google madahos recoleta sodoma recoleta, hipopotamus recoleta, black recoleta, or a page to find independent girls and call them and she gove to you the address

        sorry for my english I hope u enjoy!


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          Respuesta: Brothels???

          watch out on esmeralda vip or any, they cut the time or change the girls, and keep it with your many anyway. Yuo must to pay first and then look the girls in this places.