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Looking for strip-tease/Lesbian show

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  • Avatar de Invitado
    Invitado comenzó un tema Looking for strip-tease/Lesbian show

    Looking for strip-tease/Lesbian show

    Very interested in having a private show with two girls doing a strip-tease then fucking each other while I watch. Would join them in at end, of course.

    Is this something that could be arranged here at reasonable costs? Also, it would be great if the girls had an appropriate place to conduct the event, as I think most hotels might frown up this kind of private party.

  • El Padrino
    Respuesta: Looking for strip-tease/Lesbian show

    Mmmm tbis could be arrange and I know already 2 excellent prospects , but it would be expensive. Drop me a p rivate message so I better know your particular taste for a girl in order to make it a perfrct experience.

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