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English Speaking Travestis?

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  • English Speaking Travestis?

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    This is my first time. wanted to do this a long time. Anyone know a good travestis who is good for "first timers" aka not too painful who speaks english? Does anyone know if any of these workers will let you suck them until they cum?


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    Respuesta: English Speaking Travestis?

    Hi Friend!
    I think you must visit the site
    It has un option for the english version.
    Inside the web site you will find a lot of tranny girls offerin her services and some of them say that they speak english.
    Referred to your question about how they cum, you will need to choose among the ones that say are top or at least top and bottom and ask them about your preference. If you choose any, you can ask me and I try to give you something if I know about the girl.

    Best regards and wellcome.