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me llegó esta publicidad a favor de Obama

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  • me llegó esta publicidad a favor de Obama

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    Respuesta: me llegó esta publicidad a favor de Obama

    Flej! a vos te mandan las bellezas y a mi me piden la plata!
    (me vieron cara de "paganini":030:)

    Dear Psichoboy

    Tomorrow we have the opportunity to make history.

    Tomorrow we can elect Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Democrats up and down the ticket. Together, we can begin putting this country on the right track.

    Tomorrow we can set a new course.

    I am so proud of what we have accomplished together and in these final 24 hours I am asking you to come together once again for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Let's spend every hour and every minute doing all we can. Vote, volunteer and work your heart out so that we can turn our country around.

    Bill and I recorded a special message to share with you and I hope you will watch it and then I hope you will take action by joining us in this final push.



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