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Por un puñado de dolares (que me rompan el culo...)

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  • Por un puñado de dolares (que me rompan el culo...)

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    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    El conocido actor porno "gay" Resee Rideout, en una entrevista a BeautifulMag, afirma ser heterosexual y casado desde hace cinco años.
    Al parecer la señora no siente celos de que su esposo chupe una infinidad de pijas.

    Su marido nunca la cambiaría por un hombre, al menos eso es lo que él le asegura.

    Todo bien mientras siga llevando los dolares al hogar...

    Entrevista: (sorry, solo la conseguí en Ingles...)

    Reese Rideout is hot. He is one of these guys who can look boyish and masculine at the same time. A divine body and an ass to die for. Reese is a first class performer and his name tops many gay porn actors wish list, not to mention the lists of many many fans. Hence the fact the readers of Men Magazine elected him Man Of The Year last January. According to Randy Blue “Reese is the kind of guy you want to hang out with. Right from the beginning he was a stand out with one hell of a beautiful body and one really hot ass and cock. Reese is an amateur body builder with desires to go pro so his body is very important to him. It is his temple and he takes very good care of it. He loves to show his hard work off and secretly I know he gets a real kick out of people looking at him.” Which is a good thing because who doesn’t want to look at Reese Rideout…
    Reese, welcome to BeautifulMag. First of all, for the few ones who never heard of you, can you please introduce yourself…

    Reese: Hello beautiful people reading BeautifulMag. My name is Reese Rideout like reese's pieces and rideout into the sunset. Sometimes I joke and say Reese's Fece's hahaha. Ok so I was born around Salem, Oregon and have been in Salem all 26 years of my life. I love animals, especially dogs and salt water fish. I'm a hands on type of guy... if something is broken I have to take it apart and try to fix it no matter what it is. It could be a refrigerator or a vibrator. Also I'm the type of guy you want to hang out with and grab lunch. I always manage to make other people feel good about themselves.
    Reese, five years in the gay adult film industry… how did it start?
    Reese: My porn career started a little some thing like this... I WAS BORN!!! OK I was just partly kidding on that one, just partly. To be truthful, I was the jack off king starting at 10 years old, plus a very perverted young high school boy. Then my penis and muscles kept growing. I thought from the end of high school for about 4-5 years I was going to be the biggest and best body builder alive, yet there was no money in amateur body building so one day I was doing a little competition and was spotted by a photographer named Ron Lloyd. He then looked up my last name in the phone book and called my parents house... from there its been all up hill especially when I was signed on with Randy Blue.
    Last year you were chosen Men Of The Year by the readers of Men Magazine… that must have been quite a nice feeling, no?
    Reese: Man Of The Year slowly came up on me and then it has been like an atomic bomb since the crowning. I truly love what Men magazine has done for me. It is only the fourth month of 2009 and I've already have done about 12 appearance all over the good old US of A. It is so so much fun going to a new state and having fans and bar owners treat me extremely nice. I love signing every edition that Men magazine lets me give out.

    The whole Man Of The Year election got extra attention when people start to complain about the fact you aren’t gay. Can you comment on that?
    Reese: Everyone has a little gay inside of them. I've been doing this work for a while now. I've worked with guys who had never done anything with a guy to the gayest and I feel that a little right was earned to be able to say everyone has a little gay inside of them. I am just a sexual person and everyone has a libido and a sweet spot. Ya know I was brought into this industry by gay men and if it was not me, it would have been a different straight guy. Some gay men have a thing for straight guys just like us straight guys have a thing for lesbians (hot!). I've had a dick in my ass and my dick in too many to count guys asses... how much more do I need to do to be accepted?
    How does your girlfriend feel about you performing in gay porn movies?
    Reese: Well to start off, I'm not going to beat around this one anymore... It's not just a girlfriend I have now... She is a full-blown wife. We’ve been married a year and a half now, together for five years. So she has been with me from the start of my gay porn career. She is fine with it because she knows I'm not going to run off with another man and there for guys are not competition. She also knows when I'm cumming in my films I have too think of a woman at this point in my life. Now that's not to say that I haven’t cum while having a sexual thought with a man in my head before. I've gone through my phase of a young adolescent thinking of having sex with every thing in his path.

    Reese, you are an absolute pleasure for the eye… how do you stay so well in shape?
    Reese: It is very hard to have the hottest body since there are so many hot bodies out there ☺ Some how I've managed to do it. I of course work out almost every day and eat clean, but that is such a small portion of what I do... for example you have to measure your muscle groups often and compare the ratios to the formula of phi. Every muscle needs to be perfect. Some just worry about their arms or chest. I also worry about my forearms, tibia, skin tone, whiteness of teeth and personality. I say personality in body section because a good personality helps makes you hot!
    Let’s go a bit more personal:
    Do you have any pets?
    Reese: I have a Pit bull who stays at my parents with there Dalmatian, also I have two puffer fish one porcupine and one stars and strips puffer.
    Do you like to cuddle?
    Reese: I do like to cuddle, mostly at night during a movie or a good TV show.
    What do you wear when you are at home?
    Reese: Well since I now have roommates I have to wear clothes, if it where totally up to me I would be naked all the time.
    And when you are in bed?
    Reese: Of course when I'm in bed it is full naked, I just love to be free of clothes... no bunching up of material around my body when I roll around the soft sheets.
    What is your favorite food. Or, what is the thing you like most putting in your mouth?
    Reese: Ha ha ha… The thing that goes in my mouth most is protein, whether it be a protein shake, raw pasteurized egg whites, or fresh salmon and shrimp. Ans sometimes a protein bar
    What ringtone do you have in your cell phone?
    Reese: My ringtone is currently on some preloaded ring from BlackBerry. It is a EuroTrance mix. I chose that mix because I felt It would get me pumped up for a phone call from anyone, you know, get ya alive, blood flowing, and mind running. That way I can get down to business when a call comes in.
    What is the most played on on your MP3
    Reese: The most played song on my MP3 player is Folk & Shit by Chalkline They are a new band and a damn good one. I see them live in my town very often and they’re great. Their MySpace is Please go check them out!
    What is your favorite TV show?
    Reese: Right now my favorite TV show is American Idol and oh my God, this year Adam Lambert is the best singer/performer American Idol has ever seen and I feel no one will ever be as good as he is!!!
    Reese, let’s imagine, Beautiful is going to produce a gay porn movie with a huge budget. We want you to be the star and give you carte blanche for script and co-stars. Who would you choose, and what would the scene look like?
    Reese, OK, bare with me… Bruce a young owner of a gay resort out in Las Vegas, Nevada who every night has trials, tribulations, and hot hotel business with guests. Dave the bell boy played by Chris Rockway fell head over heals for Bruce, Bruce tries to keep it business like yet Dave has a burning in his heart for Bruce. One night they drink a little too much and get it on. Each day at work becomes more awkward and Dave tries to push the relationship but Bruce is having too much fun sleeping around with guest. One night Dave looses all of his money. He has been gambling, is spiraling down with depression and breaks the roof door open and gets on the ledge. Bruce can see the commotion out around the pool of people looking up. He goes out and sees Dave about to jump... Dave does jump but some how miraculously lives from the pool he fell into and is in a coma.
    If Beautiful was a genie, and you could rub our little lamp, what would be the three wishes you make?
    Reese: Wish one: I live to be 150 years old. Wish two:For Beautiful to do a article on Edendale Studio's Bruno Gmünder Book entitled Houshold Idols. Wish three: Help me be the first gay porn star to be a big mainstream actor.
    Finally, here is your chance to say something nice or naughty to our readers, so let yourself go…
    Reese: You guys out there have made Reese Rideout possible so thank you so much! I'm proud of who you are and I hope you’re proud of me too.
    Signing out,
    Reese Rideout

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    Respuesta: Por un puñado de dolares (que me rompan el culo...)

    Está lindo, aunque al borde de pasarse de producido en cuanto al cuidado de su cuerpo (mi gusto personal va con algo mas natural). En cuanto al gusta lo que dice: que todo hombre tiene algo de homo. No sería tan absoluto, pero creo que hay bastante de razón en lo que dice.