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Maru of Area VIP

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  • Maru of Area VIP

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    Hello all

    Thanks for the information on this side. Has anyone been with Maru of Escorts Area VIP? She is also listed on other sites. Platinum.

    Any information appreciated.

    If there was one escort to see, who would it be? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks


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    Re: Maru of Area VIP

    Hey there.

    If you are talking about this woman: recommendation is to run away from her.
    There are awful experiences with her, plus the pictures are too photoshopped. You'll waste your money, so better think about investing it on other beauties.

    If you want recommendations, maybe you could tell us what kind of woman are you looking for.

    Best regards
    Más conozco al hombre, y más quiero a mi perro.
    Más conozco a la mujer, y más amo a los gatos.


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      Re: Maru of Area VIP

      I completely agree with Cat.a.dor , as a matter of fact I've checked out cuz I'm pretty much a big boob fuck , nuttin good came up , plus the fact that apparently she's quite an oldie ( and not goodie ) . Piece of advise dude , get your ass as much far away from her as possible.

      If you like that type , give Heidi of Area Vip a shot , I haven't done her but I've heard she's quite kinky , you can get BBBJ , anal and she willingly comply with whatever sick fantasy u may have.

      Hava good one buddy!


      • #4
        Re: Maru of Area VIP

        Forget about this lady !!!.

        You might have the best of the experience with AV`s girls, but...sincerely talking not with Maru.

        Try with Heidi, Candy, Yanina, Belu, Nancy, and many others.


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          Re: Maru of Area VIP

          Stay away from Maru.

          What kind of escort would you like? WE use to categorize them as either GIRLFRIENDS or WARRIORS...

          It depends much on your you privilege look or performance/service?

          How about your budget? Should she be fluent in English? Are you planning to take her out, or just an in-call?

          Please give us some tips and we'll help you thorugh.



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            Re: Maru of Area VIP

            Thanks for the information guys. I like the women big breasted like a Heidi. Performance is important and she sounds like a winner. Thanks again.