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A little quick assistence?

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  • A little quick assistence?

    Fiamma escort vip Centro

    Escort en Tribunales

    Escort en Tribunales
    Hey all I am in BA for the first time and hoping to find a high quality girl (or two) for Saturday (tomorrow) night. I contacted Roxanne and Laura to help me negotiate and sent them a list but after trying to slog my way through some of the Spanish reviews here I think I really f-ed up and picked some losers. Can anyone point me toward some winners? I am ideally looking for fairly young 18-30, big tits (fine if they are fake), broad set of services (cim or on body, anal), multiple pops and at least enough English to have a laugh or two between them.

    I only have a short window of opportunity (just Saturday night) so want to make sure I get a good one or two before I fly back north. Cost is less an issue than quality. Also prefer room service though if I can't find a goodin I will likely go blacks or one of the other high end joints.

    Any help or advice fellas? Am I asking too much? Thanks in advance to anyone who assists!

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    Respuesta: A little quick assistence?

    go to these site Area Vip. or Soloindependientes.
    In my opinion they have the best girls. Most of them will do Anal and CIM.
    English? Mmmm good luck there...
    Call them now! Most of them wont work Saturday without an appointment.
    My bets, Heidi, Angelina , Dominique. Natasha , Paris, Isabel, Mica


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      Respuesta: A little quick assistence?

      If I had Only one night I'd get straight to the best clubs my wallet can buy.
      Wasting time calling or trying to call girls it's a time sucker.
      "No persigas a las minas, persegui tus sueños, y asi las minas te van a seguir a vos"